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We are a boutique real estate company that builds elite homes featuring the latest aesthetic and technological innovations. 

Founded in 1997, we have built hundreds of homes over the years, from one-bedroom apartments to luxurious villas in various locations in Paphos, Nicosia and Limassol.

Our vision is to become the leading developer of top quality homes for our elite clientele.  


Evolving with the times, we like our homes to be technologically advanced, with energy saving and environmentally friendly features. We also like our homes to have a stylish, modern and luxurious image but still maintain their identity as a warm and cozy space to accommodate loving relationships with family and friends.



Our number one priority is to be transparent in everything we do. From when we first conceive the concept for a new home through to meeting with our clients and delivering the home of their dreams, we are transparent throughout all our discussions and in how we conduct our dealings with our clients, partners and contractors.


They say that integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. We are firm believers of dealing with integrity and honesty in everything we do. We always strive to maintain the company’s financial strength and never embark on a new project unless we are confident that we can deliver, regardless of the company’s sales performance and without exposure to unnecessary risk.


We are deeply passionate about what we do and we enjoy every minute of it! We like to dream about the home of your dreams and we spend every minute designing it, building it and decorating it to your taste with our undivided attention to detail. Our greatest satisfaction comes when we deliver the home of your dreams while making new friends for life in the process. 

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